Asset Integrity Development - AID

AID Business Unit - Short Description

“When it comes to any integrity related problem arising with your assets, we will AID you.” Covering Africa and the Middle Eastern territories, we provide cost effective solutions for plant life extension and facility integrity enhancement through integrating the latest advanced technologies. We empower preventive maintenance mentality as well as higher employee safety through introducing environmental friendly, safe techniques. AID addresses the quality at every stage of the asset life cycle from design, commissioning, maintenance management to decommissioning in the most efficient and cost effective manner. "Long Live Your Assets"

Cold Repair


Techno-wrap composite repair products are engineered repair solutions for pipework integrity and structural strengthening. They consist of fibers reinforced with an epoxy resin. The fiber reinforcements are either carbon or glass. Three types of epoxy resins are available; their selection is based on the overall design conditions and installation temperature of a repair. The repair systems are wet lay-up systems applied on site.

Advantages of using Techno-wrap composite repairs are:

1. Lightweight - ease of handling and transportation

2. Corrosion resistant - no maintenance

3. Can be applied live - no shutdown

4. Requires no hot work permit - ease of installation

5. Requires minimal on site facilities - simplicity of installation

6. Can be applied to any geometry of component - flexibility of application

7. Can be applied in confined spaces 

Range of application:

The fiber reinforcement is woven into various architectures. The selection of fiber type and architecture is based on both performance and cost. Components that can be repaired include:

1. Piping systems (all components, e.g. bends, tees)

2. Pipelines

3. Vessel/tanks (e.g. shells, supports, nozzle attachments)

4. Caissons and risers 5. Walkways, handrails, roofs