Wellbore Technology Solution - WTS

WTS Business Unit - Short Description

Energy is now a world’s leading industry. Seaharvest in partnership with top manufacturers worldwide provides outstanding quality services & supplies to the growing energy sector in Egypt & the MENA region. Rental & supply of Down Hole Equipment, Casing Accessories & Cementing, Waste Management, and Artificial Lifting are our area of technical expertise and fast response services. It’s your assurance that Seaharvest will deliver best performance, quality and consistency, "Enhancing Drilling & Production Processes".

Down-hole Drilling Tools

1. Drilling tubular & handling Equipment

Seaharvest is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of downhole tubular and associated accessories rentals & sales, value-added engineering services and operational support while maintaining our industry's highest health, safety and environmental standards.

  • Drill Pipe
  • Drill Collar
  • Heavy Weigh Drill Pipe
  • Cross Over Subs
  • Landing String
  • Casing Scrapper
  • Elevators
  • Tongs Slips and Bushing
  • FMS System
  • BOP Rams & FASTR® System.

2. Down-hole drilling tools (Jars, Shock-subs & Intensifiers)

Seaharvest offers the most versatile array of downhole drilling motors in the industry. Our components are used by most major directional drilling companies in their own motor fleets worldwide. We also provide innovative solutions to a variety of drilling motor problems for a full range of applications including short and medium radius work and performance drilling in standard and elevated temperatures.

  • Mud Motor
  • Adjustable Stabilizer
  • Sting/Near Bit Stabilizer
  • Roller Reamer
  • Ander-Drift
  • Drillling Jars
  • Shocking Subs
  • Intensifiers

Drilling Jars

Seaharvest hold a big fleet of Griffith®, Bowen® and BlackMax drilling jars suited for all drilling operations. Product offerings include Double-Acting Hydraulic/Mechanical jars, Hydraulic/Mechanical jars, and PowerStroke Hydraulic Up/Down jars.

Shocking Subs

Same as for the Shock sub tools of Griffith® and BlackMax Shock Tools. Shock tools are designed to isolate the drill string from axial deflections produced by the bit during drilling operations and to protect the bit from excessive wear during drilling operations.


Intensifiers are designed to ensure maximum jarring efficiency in directional or crooked holes where wall drag is a problem, or in shallow holes where pipe stretch is insufficient. The Intensifier is positioned in the bottom hole assembly several drill collars above the jar. As tension is applied, the Intensifier will extend, storing the energy of the applied tension. This stored energy is released when the jar fires, accelerating the drill collars upward.