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DSS Business Unit - Short Description

“We are MENA’s One Stop Shop for oil field supplies and logistical services”
From the simplest pin to the largest equipment, from a simple transport operation to a complex multimodal solution, from temporary storage to inventory management, Supply Chain Oilfield Services Unit professionals are glad to offer you the full support and help. Our value chain consultants will help you forecast your needs, choose the right time to buy, build stocks for your materials and other supply chain activities that will help you minimizing your cost while maintaining the highest quality of services and products.

SEAHARVEST Oil & Gas makes the perfect utilization of SEAHARVEST Group resources to offer a bundle of products and services that add value to its clients;
Combining large up to date fleet with the latest business software solutions with the best supply chain management team in the market.

Dope & Lubricants

Dope & Lubricants

Seaharvest specializes in formulating lubricants to meet the severe demands of industrial requirements. All of the products at Seaharvest are the result of industrial needs. Our customers come to us with specific applications which have posed lubrication problems, we solve them. Our portfolio of products stems from thirty (plus) years of accumulated problem solving. Our facilities include twenty seven processing tanks capable of batch sizes ranging from 40 pounds to 20,000 pounds. We can accommodate the needs of small as well as large usage customers. We also specialize in private label manufacturing. Many of the specialty lubrication and cleaning products you see at your local supply stores and maintenance shops may be manufactured at South Coast Products.

Product lines:

- Drilling Compounds

- Tubing and Casing

- Small Pipe and Thread

- Storage Compounds / Coating

- Industrial Cleaners and Soaps

- Maintenance and Specialty